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Thank you for stumbling upon my little site!  My name is Katherine George and I am honored that you would consider me for any creative project you may have in mind.  My roots run deep in Wilmington, North Carolina as I’ve lived every one of my 25 years residing there.  


A native to the coast but eager traveler, my journeys have brought me to Chile, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and all over the homeland of the great USA.  I fell in love with a California boy a couple of years back and next to Jesus Christ, he has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  Needless to say, I’m a pretty big fan of love and marriage and all of that stuff.  I’ll try not to talk your head off about how cute he is.  Ugh, but he’s just really cute.  


I love a good coffee shop and I’m pretty predictable...iced chai latte with almond milk, please.  During the weekdays, you’ll find me at one of Wilmington’s local high schools teaching some of the best students on the planet.  (If you hear me refer to “my kids,” it’s them…)  We don’t have our own babes yet, but I am prouder of my students than just about any other part of my life.  If I’m not teaching, Matt and I are probably at a local sushi restaurant, I’m watching Gilmore Girls reruns with friends, or at the gym running off the sushi I devoured the night before.  


I love this life I get to live: the messy, the beautiful, and every part in between!  




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